A Decentralised

Container Registry

Store, Download, and Share your container images with decentralized OpenRegistry

How does it work?
  • Create an account on OpenRegistry.dev
  • Install Docker/Nerdctl/Podman
  • Login into OpenRegistry using Docker CLI


OpenRegistry is fully compliant with OCI(Open Container Initiative) Distribution Specification and has received an official certification from OCI. This means there is no difference in operations of OpenRegistry than any other popular container registries like GHCR or Dockerhub. The best part is, OpenRegistry is decentralised since it uses Akash Network as it's compute layer and Skynet for storage


Want to Collaborate? It's super easy with OpenRegistry. Our code is OpenSource and free to use. We are open to collaborations with projects that share similar vision and can be integrated together to serve larger audience. Simply contribute to OpenRegistry by helping with one of the github issues or start a discussion at github discussions. We would love to hear from you.


Web 3.0 Infrastructure

Web 3.0 is the internet's layer of trust. It offers the decentralisation from web 1.0 and richness of web 2.0. It's Trustless, Self-Governing, Distributed and many more things. We at OpenRegistry believe in dWorld full of dApps. With our initiative, we want to make OpenRegistry free for everyone

High Level Architecture

The following diagram tries to depict the high level architecture of OpenRegistry. We are hosted on Akash dCloud and the container images are stored on decentralised storage systems like skynet. OpenRegistry is designed as a pluggable platform to adapt to any modern infrastructure or frameworks. We are exploring ways of collaborating with IPFS, Arweave and Storj

OpenRegistry High Level Architecture Diagram